Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No more cancer

I have been told by everyone that I have not ended the story in the blog. I really am sorry. According to the Doctors they are officially calling me cured and I don't have anything else to go through. Thank goodness!! The radiation was pretty rough. It really burned me up. At first it felt like a sunburn but each day it got worst and worst. By the end I felt literally fried to the bone. After a couple of weeks after I got finished with radiation, the skin got better but, I can still feel the tissue underneath healing. It itches like crazy at times. The other weird part is that it has messed up my saliva glands. i get really dry mouth all of the time and my mouth is constantly producing a really thick mucus. As long as I have something to drink regularly it is not to bad. It does take awhile to get the pasty morning mouth to get feeling normal. The only other weird thing is that my tongue is really weird. About 2 weeks ago it turned all white then I think the tissue started healing and it kind of sluffed off. The new tissue is really tender like new skin. Both textures and extreme flavors really effect it. Each day it gets less sensitive so I think with in another week or so this should pass too. All in all I think I got through things pretty well and don't have to much lasting damage. I was thinking about it, it was exactly a year ago when I talked to Dr. Baker and started this whole process. WHAT A CRAZY YEAR IT HAS BEEN!